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                                                Introducing Mrs Handbag!!!

Childcare Clair is pleased to announce the launch of her first ever children's book "Mrs Handbag and the Magic Seed".

Emily had planted a tiny seed in her garden, but it was not growing. So, her Daddy took her to visit Mrs Handbag, a colourful lady with crazy hair and a sparkly dress. Could Mrs Handbag work some magic on Emily's seed?

This colourful and magical book is for ages 3-7 years and can be purchased for £7 plus £1.30 postage and packaging (more for multiple orders) Please email for more information

The book is also available on Amazon 

Comments about "Mrs Handbag and the Magic seed"

My daughter loves the book cover! Its inspired her to write a book herself hee hee (she's only 10!)

Ash from Fareham

We bought a copy today & Jack  (2) insisted that we read it again for bedtime, quite an endorsement ! Nicki, mum of 2 from Southampton
Ellie was looking through a pile of books in her bedroom and suddenly said "Where's Mrs Handbag gone, Mummy???" She was very happy when I passed it to her! :-)

Laura,  mum to Ellie (2) from West Wickham, London

Molly, aged 7, was reading it to her younger brother of 18 months. He crawled away but Molly kept on reading as it was so good!
Claire, Mum of 2, Portsmouth

I read your book to the Reception Class children today - they loved it! I think they want more! :)

Learning Support Assistant , Waterlooville

I bought a copy and my 3 year old grand-daughter has enjoyed listening to it especially as the character in the story is called Emily!Angela, Grandmother to Emily aged 3!

Amelia loved reading her Mrs Handbag book whilst on holiday in Turkey and loves reading it before bed :-)Laura, Mum of Amelia (aged 2), Portsmouth

What a lovely book for the small ones, Our granddaughter is now growing a sunflower.She is also experimenting with growing vegetables too and is making sure grandad remembers the Magic needed for it to grow.I would recommend this book as its a good one for the little ones to practice their reading skills on.
Phil, Grandfather, Clacton on Sea

"Mahusive thanks to  you Clair for reading her book at Wraparound today. They were certainly full of mrs handbag once you had left, and we had three tantrums due to parents not having cash on them as they left!"

Charlotte, After school club worker, Portsmouth


  1. Fantastic book, my 2 1/2 year old little girl loved it!

  2. A lovely colourful book with a great story, young children will love it! Good Luck with the sales Clair, you'll go far :-)