Thursday, 25 August 2016

            It has been a while, I have been busy but I am back.....and looking for myself again!!

Having two girls has been amazingly hard, amazingly wonderful and very tiring! We have just come back from an fantastic holiday, but have struggled with our now 6 year old and her challenging moods and behaviour.
"It's hard being a big sister" I get told after another melt down.
Yup....but its harder being mother to you both sometimes!!

Now we are back and the new school year is looming, I have started to feel a little lost again. What does the end of the year hold for me? Where am I exactly going with my life now? It is like I am missing something, but I cannot put my finger on exactly what that is.
I am sure every single stay at home mum feels like this sometimes. It is almost like we are stuck in limbo....the world and all our old work friends moving on and doing what seems like something amazing with their lives, working so hard to make something of themselves as well as keeping a family.

I am so very grateful for my children and the life that I have, as so many people would love to be in my situation, but I get the feeling that I work so hard keeping the peace between my two and keeping the family going that I have lost who I am in a way.
I have looked online to try and find out what it is I am missing and just how other Mums deal with this. I am not the only Mum who feels like their identity is lost at times. It is just a question of finding the thing to channel my passions into to find myself again. I have to think about what defined me before being a mum..... creativity, singing, child care, work, writing..... some of these things I have tried to get back into to find myself again but i have had no luck sticking to it with the outside pressures and everyday life!

I am so inspired by my friends. They mostly have children themselves and they are doing new things, re training to do what they are passionate about and getting out there setting themselves challenges.
I just need to find my mojo again...and find out what I am passionate about (aside from my beautiful children of course!!)

Watch this space!!

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