Wednesday, 10 February 2016

If you can't join them, beat them!

   Sometimes if you don't like it, do it yourself!

I recently had a really bad experience when going to a local parent and toddler group. Being January at the time, I think many mums had made the resolution to do more with their children, as all had decended on this particular group!

I was looking to get out of the house more but did not want to commit to a group when you pay in advance. I am not the best person when entering well established groups, so felt nervous about going and at first the ladies seemed friendly. But, as the room filled up faster and faster my little one could not move without being trampled on, pushed and even slapped on the head! It was clear they went over their limit of people and I'm sure health and safety was being compromised!
I was physically shaking coming out before the end and actually cried. Why had I put my child through that?

Of course, I had a little rant on social media and my friends hinted I should be doing my own group to combat this. I kaughted it off, but soon realised they could be right. A few weeks later and I'm doing it!

A fellow mummy who also had noticed the lack of quality drop in groups has been my saviour and has jumped at the chance to start our own group. We have found a venue, got our idea with a creative feel to it and we start next month! We obviously have had to go through a lot of important issues and the Internet has helped with a lot of this! There is a section of well known mum sites which help with this!

By doing this venture we hope to bring something to the community and also to show our own children that if there is something people need, you can make a difference!

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