Tuesday, 12 January 2016

It is not just mess.....it's learning!

       Art and craft is a fantastic way to build resilient children

Here in the Childcare Clair household, we love a bit of art and crafts! Those of you who frequently read this site or know me will know how much experimenting goes on with painting styles and new playdough recipes.

It does get rather messy, I cannot deny it and we do it mostly for the enjoyment myself and my children get from it. But, there is a lot more going on than simply just having fun!

Being creative helps your child to express their thought processes and patterns. They begin to learn about shapes, positioning and colour and how to create narratives and explanations about their work.

The Cbeebies website recently posted an interesting article on this very topic which says that there is " evidence that encouraging children to be creative and imaginative in early life can actually help them to be more resilient when they are faced with barriers or obstacles in adult life".

Of course, some children are more into arts and crafts than others. My eldest lives painting and creating and has done so from an early age, whereas my one year old is not impressed by even just doing some hand painting, let alone trying anything else at the moment, but has found creativeness with musical instruments instead!

As a child gets older, arts and craft can become even more educational as they explore different styles and textures. Although some may argue that craft kits stifle creativity, they can actually help a child learn how to follow simple instructions, overcome obstacles and also as with all art and craft projects - a sense of achievement when it is completed! No matter what a finished painting, model, drawing or collage may look like, every piece means something to the child who created it. Even a piece of paper with one piece of material stuck on it (come on, we've all had those presented to us!) had a thought process behind it. Who knows, perhaps they had a minimalist view!

So get creative! Get out that paint! Dare to pour the PVA glue! Put aside your glitter phobias! Grab that craft making kit and get making! And whilst you are at it, watch this space for some creative techniques, ideas and recipes on this website too!!A

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