Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Is anybody out there?

        These feelings are real, and I know I'm not alone!

So, here I am. Mum of two and devoted wife. Stay at home Mum. Yet, I have days like today where I feel like a machine! Lack of sleep has plagued me since baby number two arrived, and although I realise how lucky I am to be a mum to two beautiful girls, I often find myself wondering where I am going wrong!

It is the feelings I am sure many Mothers feel. Today, after yet another night of broken sleep, I found myself thinking "If I wasn't here, they would only miss the fact their dinner isn't cooked or their clothes are dirty" It begins to feel like the days merge into a blur of dirty nappies, dirty clothes and standing in the playground in the rain.

I often wonder if there is any point in doing this blog too, my one little escape and link back to my career. Is anyone actually reading this? Am I wasting my time with it all?

It is a time for questioning everything when you have had no sleep! It has a lot to answer for! I decided to ask my eldest daughter her thoughts on if she would miss me if I wasn't here for a day.
"Yes, I would miss you lots Mummy"
I asked her why, expecting an answer to do with not having dinner or food or something, but instead I got....
"Because you are kind to me and you are always there for me"

So now I'm slowly getting back to me again. Robot functions are still there, but maybe with a bit more heart as I am appreciated! Being a stay at home Mum, you do feel almost invisible. Nobody praises the mum who stays home to bring up their children, yet we hear so much in the media about supporting working parents (which I must admit here I am in favour of!)
It definitely is not the easiest of jobs, I can tell you!

So come on, show me you are out there! Show me that you read this and I'm not just an invisible robot sharing ideas and information on here! And for all you mums out there feeling like this, you are not alone and it seems it's only natural!


  1. As a Mum of two. I totally identify with this. Lack of sleep, school runs, house work, taking kids to swimming and other classes, going to work. Husband has his hobby of running but where is my me time! Some times it seems relentless. But then one of them does something that makes me melt and I know it's all worth it. I love your brigands regularly read so thank you xx

  2. That's meant to say blog not brigands! Lol!

  3. That's meant to say blog not brigands! Lol!

  4. Sorry I didn't answer sooner Mrs D, Thankyou for your comments! It's great to know I am not alone in feeling like this! And also great that people do actually read the blog!