Thursday, 5 November 2015

Culture and drama fun in one!

           We have been to the theatre..... For an adventure

I have always felt the need to encourage our children to explore culture in various ways. Our eldest has been to the theatre to see various child friendly performances (meeting Sooty wasca highlight for us all!) But, I still feel there is more I'd like to share with her.

With this in mind, I stumbled across a workshop at The Mayflower Theatre in Southampton during half term. I thought this would be a great way to explore drama with her in a grand setting! The trip there was an adventure in itself as I took her on a train to get there. Having only ever riding steam trains, going on these trains was a great learning experience for her as she asked questions about how they worked and learnt new vocabulary (platform was particularly fun to try and say!)

The theatre itself is somewhere my husband and I have been to befire, but it was our daughters first time there. She immediately was drawn to the outfits on display in the foyer from some of the pantomimes which have been played there. The workshop itself was held in the top of the theatre in a suite. It was a pirate theme, which was very exciting for the children there (aged from 18 months to 8 years)

The children were engaged in various songs, games and drama warm ups to act out the pirate adventure with a lady who was extremely enthusiastic! It took a while for my little lady to join in as she was enjoying the novelty of having mum to herself for the day, but she soon got into the swing of things. We were also very lucky to be offered a drink for the children half way through the session, and a chance to take a sneaky peek in the theatre itself at the very top seats to use the facilities. The stage was being prepared for the ballet and the hustle and bustle of the builders were intriguing to our daughter!

The only down side for me was the fact the children only got a sticker for their efforts at the end of the session! I know I cannot really complain as the tickets were only £4 each, but I feel a certificate to show they took part would have been a great keepsake.

It is definitely worth keeping an eye on your local theatre to see what workshops they might have running. I also noticed that the theatre are doing a children's performance of Swan Lake next year which I am taking her along to (as well as booking to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang- I can't wait to show her the orchestra pit!) Culture can be great fun, I can't wait to find more fantastic things to do with her and our little one!

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