Monday, 30 November 2015

A year of learning once again


Another first year, another baby to share it with!

Back in 2011, I wrote about the first year of my life as a mum with our first baby on this website. It was an interesting read to go back and look at it today as we are heading towards the first birthday of our youngest baby in the next few days. 

What is most in my mind is that no matter how many times we have done the whole "first year" thing before, our babies teach us new and varied things which we probably never even realised we would encounter!
So, here is what I have learnt in the first year the second time around:

1. People who tell you two are easier than one must be saints!! 

I have struggled to juggle life with two children, especially once baby number two was mobile. Trying to cook dinner, keep the house tidy and make sure the children are safe and occupied is just a nightmare! Add in the school runs and its often a recipe for disaster!!

2. No two babies are the same!
Well, I knew that anyway, but the realisation that just because your first didn't crawl until 11 months doesn't mean your youngest will wait that long! 6 months old and that was it..... and as for temperament well, they couldn't be more different in personality!!

3. Going to A and E in an ambulance makes you feel sick!

Thanks to our little one deciding to be in so much pain that holding her breath was a great option to get Mummy a ride in an ambulance, and scare the neighbours with the amount of paramedics arriving on the scene! Thanks to the NHS for their swift response! 

4. Mummy does know best!

After two trips to A and E and no idea as to why our little one was suffering with so much pain, Mummy found some interesting articles online and went to the doctors to suggest that perhaps baby had a lactose intolerance. A change of milk and lo and behold, our little one improved!!

5. It can be useful having an older sibling!

Our eldest has been fantastic at helping with the small things which make the bigger things go better! Handing me wipes, watching her sister whilst I go to the toilet, feeding her when the door goes.....and she offers to do these things!! She loves her so much (well, in small doses when she does what she wants her to anyway!)

6. Sleep deprivation doesn't get any easier

I had almost forgotten what lack of sleep was like! The difference this time around is that with two you cannot really get time to catch up on the sleep! You have to be there at the school to collect them or at an assembly or making them dinner!! And when your second baby doesnt sleep as well as your first one did......well 3 hours sleep is not enough to get through the day!!

7. You don't get the same opportunities if you move in between babies!!

Our first baby had loads of free courses and activities which we took part in, making loads of friends and getting out and about frequently. This time around in a new area, the free activities are not there and it has been harder to connect with other mums and their babies. I have been lucky enough to bond with some mums, but mostly through the playground rather than making friends through groups. Still, we are extremely lucky to have bonded with these lovely mums and their children and I am thankful for having the network of friends I have now.

8. First words are still cute!

9. No matter how hard you try and avoid it, In the Night Garden WILL take your baby in!!

I deliberately didn't have the programme on and instead thought I had hooked my newest addition on "TwirlyWoos" but, then one day I slipped and left the bedtime hour one and we now have another child in love with Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy. Sigh.

10. No matter what, you still love them

Our youngest has entered our lives like a mini tornado. She is always where she shouldn't be, she steals toys from other babies, she takes other peoples mobile phones and is constantly seeking out the remote control. Yet, she is exploring, she is testing the boundaries, she is learning about the rules and life with her family. She is our baby for just a few more days and then she won't be a baby anymore (especially as she has already started with her first few steps)  

I need to stop and embrace the positives whilst I can ( I have a feeling the terrible twos will be epic!!)

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