Friday, 2 October 2015

Moving Forward

 Just when is it the right time to face baby forward?

My youngest daughter is now at the age where she is interested in the world around her. She sits happily in her pushchair pointing at everything she sees and I joyfully tell her what they are. But, it has been suggested to me that I should move her to face forward now so that she can see more.

The selfish part of me is wanting to wait another couple of months until she turns one, but the niggling doubt and childcare professional in me is telling me otherwise! I am torn to say the least! But this is a discussion I had noticed literally a couple of days ago on social media. It was interesting to say the least!

Part of the discussion mentioned that it had been suggested that putting your baby forward facing is "distressing" for them. It was surrounding some research done in Germany so I decided to look into it further. According to the Daily Mail in 2011, an Australian expert described mothers who faced their babies forward as being "selfish and cruel".  Catherine Fowler who was a professor of child and family health nursing claimed that babies were frightened if they were facing forwards.

But in contrast, the very same article read that a midwife Robin Barker said that " as long as babies are lived and fed, the direction they face is irrelevant"

I admit, my reasons for not putting my little one facing forward is that I enjoy the interaction we have when out and about. I can see when she has been sick or has fallen asleep and can respond to her when she points at the things around her. But I do also realise that there are things she is missing by facing me which can enhance her development.

I think I can have a compromise and have her forward facing sometimes and facing me anither, at least until she reaches her first birthday!!

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