Thursday, 24 September 2015

Dragons and Daisies - Resolving behaviour - Book review

                       We all get to the end of our tether when it comes to behaviour,
                        This book could help!

Some of the most useful courses I ever attended when in my childcare career was those which covered behaviour. It is something which parents and childcare professionals all struggle with at some point or another. I have been myself of late with a five year old who seems to have discovered an attitude problem and is liable to lash out at the slightest thing!

Then along came Letha Marchetti, an Occupational therapist who has written a book on tackling these matters. Dragons and Daisies: keys to resolve baffling behaviour in Early Childhood Education is a book which makes you stop and think about just where these bouts of behaviour originate from and how to tackle them. Set out with case studies, examples and keys to resolve baffling behaviours with every chapter, this is definitely an interesting read for child care professionals, but also good from a parents perspective too.

What I found most interesting is how Letha describes behaviour as being "often sensory driven" especially in young children. This really made me think about how I am struggling with my youngest of late. She is on the move and constantly getting into places she shouldn't and finding things to put in her mouth. This is a sensory example straight away.....she wants to touch, taste and explore the world around her and has no idea of the rules and boundaries at the tender age of 9 months. She doesn't understand why it is unwanted behaviour to her Mum (who has pulled her out of the same corner behind a chair most of today!!)

This book is interactive too! Asking you to trace your finger along a picture of a daisy and asking questions with it which make you stop and think once more. I have come to realise that a lot of my children's behaviour comes from my small instabilities. If I am feeling unstable, the children pick up on this. I am just like many parents though, tired and sometimes at my wits end!! I do recognise that when I am calmer and less stressed, my children tend to be calmer too. I personally will be carrying out the tips she gives on page 20 of the book.....although it is not easy getting the 8 hours sleep I need with a restless baby!!

I really enjoyed how this book goes in depth into the sensory side of a child's development. From looking at the hand and how touch effects a child to the senses in more detail. It makes you look at a child's surroundings more closely when dealing with a behaviour there too much noise? Too much visual stimulation? it is something which many child care centres will find very helpful and insightful.

I could go on and on and in more depth about this book, but feel that to really get where Letha Marchetti is coming from, you need to read the book for yourself! It is available on Amazon for around £13 and is definitely worth a buy!

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