Monday, 29 June 2015

Being the parent I want to be...............

                          It looks idyllic, but reality is hitting hard at the moment!!

I am constantly tired, my house constantly needs tidying (and when it is tidy, 5 mins and its messy again!) I am forever doing washing and organising meals, school stuff and nappy changes. The other day, it all just got too much and I found myself on my bed in tears. My eldest was singing and constantly chatting which was getting to me and my youngest was tired and had been woken by her sister barging into her room! I had had enough!! Why, despite my best efforts was I such a terrible Mum?? I was totally feeling inadequate.

But, it turns out I am not alone. Many mothers, and fathers for that matter, feel that no matter how hard they try, it just is not good enough! I have found an article of great interest which says that those parents who feel inadequate are often the best parents around!! It is worth a read:

I often have to stop and keep reminding myself that it is ok to feel like this sometimes. It is hard work being a Mum, no matter how many children you may have. The arrival of our second daughter has been full of worry, lack of sleep and crying, but it also have been full of happy moments and giggles! There is so much of it all to come too, it never stops! I felt terrible that I had gone to have a cry that day, and that my daughter had seen me having a moment, but once I had finished and taken a deep breath, I was myself again.

I guess the point I am making is that it is alright to feel like this every so often (If you feel it everyday, it would be worth seeking medical advice and support) getting outside, making memories with your little ones and trying to embrace their many quirks (singing is a sign of a happy child......just not a great wake up call lol!)
I am blessed to have my children and they are happy and surely I must be a good parent??!

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