Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Back to basics! Weaning once again.....

                   I thought it would be like riding a bike......but after so long, I had forgotten!

So we have reached the 6th month milestone and as recommended, we have started the weaning process. I felt that I should have been getting excited about starting our littlest madam on solids, but all of a sudden, I realised I had forgotten how I went about it with our first!

It seems like just yesterday, but it turns out 4 and a half years is a long time ago! I knew the first food we offered our eldest was baby rice but I couldn't remember how I progressed from one meal to two and when to start giving them full meals!! It is amazing just how new to it I felt, even though I had done it all before!
So, I went to my Health visiting team to refresh my mind, and ask the questions on weaning a baby with Lactose intolerance (which my little one suffers from)

Now I am in my second week of going strong with the weaning, and although I was advised to begin to introduce a little dairy, I have decided to leave it for another week or so to get her tummy used to the fact she is trying solids before I delve into a little normal formula milk in her breakfast! We are just on lunches at the moment, exploring Carrot, avocado and banana so far....each with its own funny face as she tries it out!!

I actually enjoy the preparation part too! I was worried about having to spend my time pureeing up lots of things, but now I spend my time wondering which new exciting food to try her on next!! You can find out more about weaning and the guidelines to getting started on the NHS Choices page:


Just remember to be relaxed and enjoy this milestone in your babys development! You can start getting creative as they grow too!!

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