Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Sharing experiences


Sometimes sharing experiences can be a better way to learn

I read a thread on a Facebook page which interested me the other day. It was discussing how a lady who ran a sensory class was having issues with getting the parents of the children who attended her class to join in. Although children should be free to explore sensory activities under their own steam, I thought it a shame that the parents spent such an ideal binding time with their child chatting and ignoring their children.

Sharing experiences with your children can be so beneficial for everyone involved. I love watching my two daughters bonding over the activities we share at home and out and about. Today, I really got stuck into my youngest daughters sensory session by getting on my front with her and sharing her tummy time on a space blanket! It is like finding out about the world all over again....understanding how things look, sound and feel from their perspective.

It does not always have to be yourselves bonding with them, however. It can be a sibling, just like the two lovely children in the photographs above. You can just see how by exploring an activity together it is strengthening their bond as brother and sister and also teaching them very important social skills. When a younger sibling shares an experience with an older sibling, it puts things in a new perspective. Yes, they can explore things alone to find out about the world, but with someone older with them who KNOWS a bit more than they do, things can be really interesting!! It is the same with an adult joining in, we know a little more than they do, so sharing the experience with us builds a great bond of trust!

Of course, sometimes too much time with siblings can lead to children not doing things for themselves because the eldest sibling does it for them instead, but careful balance between exploring independently and as part of a group can help to stop this.

I for one love sharing in experiences with my children. I actually have to remind myself to take a step back and let my eldest daughter go off and explore independently sometimes as she needs to find her own two feet! It is hard when I have spent so many years getting covered in gloop, paint and jelly play to then step back and observe! The best thing to do in this situation is to wait to be invited to play.....then get stuck in!! Caring is sharing after all!!

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