Thursday, 2 April 2015

Gearing up for Easter!

                          We have started our Easter Fun in the Childcare Clair house!

Easter is on its way well and truly, with my eldest daughter breaking up from school today. I have had to get geared up for as much fun as possible over the next two weeks, where we are going to be enjoying the Easter break. Watch this space, as I will be sharing some of the fantastic activities I have planned, especially over the weekend!!

We have already started celebrating at home and also out and about, with our youngest enjoying some fantastic sensory time with her friends at a local group. My eldest has been busy at school colouring Easter eggs and creating an Easter table. She has been beginning to learn about the significance of Easter and why we celebrate this wonderful time of year. I do think that, although as parents we are not particularly religious, that our girls are taught why we celebrate such dates and their religious backgrounds. It is quite confusing for a four year old to learn that the baby she celebrated the birth of at Christmas died but came back to life, but the school seem to have explained it in a very age appropriate way.

At home, we celebrate the whole beauty of new life, planting seeds, and talking about baby animals and the like! It is a brilliant time of year and we should embrace it!

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