Thursday, 5 March 2015

The latest in must do raves!

Last weekend wectriedvout a totally new activity as a family by attending a baby rave! It sounds loud and hectic doesn't it? I mean, who would even think about making their child listen to loud thumping music for an afternoon out?!!!

Well, we have it a go and were pleasantly surprised! The DJ played music at a level which did not hurt the children's ears, the people running it were friendly, there were creative stations upstairs to make things and the drinks were affordable!
We went to an Ickle Bambinos Baby Rave in Portsmouth (search them on Facebook!) and had a great two hours of dancing, balloon chasing and meeting people.

My eldest daughter took the opportunity to practise her social skills by making new friends and also loved having a good old dance with both Mummy and Daddy. My youngest at tgectender age of 13 weeks, was memorised by the lights and the beat of the music. It is a very sensory experience for a young baby, offering the chance to explore sound and sight as well as linking movement to music. Most of the parents we spoke to mentioned how the whole experience is so exciting and fun for their children that they end up falling asleep on the way home!

It is not something just in Portsmouth either. If you search the Internet for information, baby raves are popping up all over the UK. You must remember that these events are tailored for children and are not the type of rave you may have attended in your younger days! There are glow sticks and bracelets,yes, but the music is low enough that you can have a conversation with someone and you are dancing with happy children instead of drunken teenagers!!

It is definitely something we will be going to again and again!

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