Friday, 13 February 2015

                       Exploring feathers in sensory play

I have been taking my smallest daughter to a fantastic group over the last few weeks which mixes music and sensory play. Our 10 week old is responding to it fantastically every week, and every week I am being reminded of fantastic activities to carry out with her! This week, we explored feathers.

Feathers are a fantastic resource for sensory play. By offering a range of colours and sizes, babies are drawn to watching them fall as they are thrown into the air. The texture of them also plays a huge part of the experience too, as they are soft and thickly to the touch!

My daughter especially liked the feather boa, which I gently lay above her head for her to feel! Of course, this sort of activity does need to be supervised with babies, as they can choke on the feathers if placed in their mouths.

Using feathers for sensory play can also lead to other new experiences too. Why not try painting with feathers, creating feather collages or using them with older children to create nests for birds in imaginative play to create stories!

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  1. Glad you are enjoying the group Clair thank you for the shout out Yvette x