Monday, 5 January 2015

Recovering from a c section

          Things are not that easy after a section!

It has not been the easiest of times over the last few weeks with juggling a newborn, lack of sleep, a four year old and recovering from the C section surgery. You are advised to "Take it easy" for a good 6 weeks, meaning no driving, heavy lifting or even cooking, which was a new one on us!

Having had an emergency section with my first baby, I admit that I was a little complacent about recovering this time, perhaps rather wrongly. I imagined it would be just like before, but I had forgotten to factor in the reality of having a four year old to look after! The biggest problem was her being off of school with chicken pox the week after bringing baby home, meaning both my husband and I had to work extremely hard!

Through all this, I felt very uncomfortable around the wound but chose to ignore it. The thought of walking to the doctors with both children in tow was not one I embraced! But, I soon found the wound was weeping and therefore I had to give in!
Turns out the wound is infected, meaning a course of antibiotics.

It is very important to listen to the advice given to you about recovering after a section, but also it does sometimes seem a little far fetched too. How many mums with young children don't cook!!?? My husband had a good point that there are single parents out there with newborn babies and young children who probably can't not cook for 6 weeks!! I know I have no choice when my daughter is home from school as my husband works and children still need feeding!

I am hoping that the care I am taking of the wound by cleaning it daily with a plain bath and patting it dry with kitchen roll, will help it to heal alongside the anti biotics. It is hard to "air" the wound as it means being minus the underwear, and wearing a sanitary towel taped to your skin is uncomfortable to say the least, even if it is handy to soak up any oozing!

Let us hope that one day the advice we are given is a little more realistic when it comes to just how we are supposed to recover!

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