Saturday, 24 January 2015

Joining the PTA

 Parents do not realise just how much the PTA helps!

Since my daughter started school last September, I have been eager to be part of the school community and get to know more people. I wanted to gain an understanding of how the school works and show an interest in my daughter's education. So, I started to attend PTA meetings.

Many parents are led to believe the government pay for a lot of the schools equipment and upkeep but in many cases this is not to be! The PTA at my daughter's school work very hard to raise funds for the school to ensure the children have a safe and educational journey during their time at the school. This does not cone without a huge amount if hard work! Those who run PTA groups are parents themselves and yet manage to organise cake sales, school fayres and disco events to raise much needed funds.

Unfortunately, this fantastic group of people can be somewhat taken for granted. There are few of them too, with many parents not joining the PTA. I admit, I find it hard to help out at events as many of them happen in the evenings where I cannot get babysitters to look after my two so I can help out, and I do feel guilty that I cannot put myself forward, but by attending the meetings and talking to other parents about events, I feel I do try to do my bit! If I can help by finding raffle prizes or putting my view as a parent forward, then I am supporting the school. As parents, we have a right to have a say as to things which go on in the school, and what better way then to attend the PTA meetings?

I suppose the message I am trying to get across is that these people work very hard in their own free time to make our children's time at school more memorable and worthwhile so join them and support your school as much as you can!!!

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