Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Entering the baby zone

                  A new baby brings it all flooding back, but with the added extras of a sibling

It was something that so many people romanticized to me whilst I was pregnant. Having a newborn with a 4 year old was described to me a being "easy", "amazing" and "perfect". My expectations were high, despite the nagging feelings about feeds, nappy changes and school runs not fitting into the new arrivals plans.

So, here we are, 2 weeks in and I am on my second day of being in charge after my husbands paternity leave has ended. It has been ok so far, but I am not sure easy is a way i would describe it! Even as I type. our new little angel has decided to be unsettled once more! The tiredness has once again hit us both as we try and find a healthy balance to contend with feeds overnight and the prospect of getting up wit a bouncy 4 year old eager to start her day. The worse thing was for our household, we had chicken pox rear its ugly head and this meant things went a little up in arms as I tried to recover from the C section and settle into a routine with our newborn.

Not only that, but once she returned to school, we were greeted with a tummy bug at the weekend! It seemed never ending! But, now things are back to normal for this last week before Christmas, it seems like things are starting to fall into place! Our daughter loves her little sister, and now she is allowed to cuddle her again after all the illness, we are very lucky to have no huge jealously issues! If anything, she is a little too helpful at times! It is very humbling to see just how much she loves her, with the little kisses she gives her and the way she insists she says goodbye to her as she tumbles into school of a morning.

So, although I wouldn't say things are "easy" and "perfect", I will agree that we have started an "Amazing" journey in our family life with our new little princess who is starting her life with a loving big sister and an amazing family and friend network already around her. It is going to be an interesting and fun packed Christmas in our household, that is for sure!

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