Thursday, 6 November 2014

The best way to treat anxiety and stress.......child or adult!

              An interesting article shown to me gets me thinking! Do you colour to de stress?

A good friend of mine, Sam Horrocks (check out shared an article the other day which I found intriguing. I have always enjoyed sitting colouring with my daughter, feeling that it was a great way to bond with her! I am quite particular about what I use to colour with and which colours I use too! (I prefer a good felt tip pen which doesn't run out too quickly or brand new crayons!)

According to the article (from colouring can make mindfulness more accessable to stressed adults as it keeps them focussed on the here and now. In fact, many counselors are using colouring as a way of helping their clients to de stress and become less anxious. Many parents have often seen colouring as not being very beneficial for their child, as they believe it can be not as creative as being given a blank canvas to work on. However, there are many benefits that being given some colouring pages to do!

With colouring, children too have to become focussed in what they are doing. You can tell a child's emotions by the way they colour. It offers them a chance to unlock their creative potential by letting them think about the different colour combinations they could use to make the picture how they perceive. I know my daughter loves to colour pictures from colouring books and sheets, and in her own colour schemes too! After all, there is nothing wrong with a green pig or a person with a blue face! I find it is a great way for her to relax too, especially after school! In fact, colouring is often her activity of choice to start and end the day! She loves to have them displayed around the house too!!

I have decided that I need to do more colouring with (and without!) my daughter, especially when I am feeling stressed or anxious about something! Perhaps I need to get writing to Santa!!!!!

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