Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Preparing for a new baby

           It is not an easy task preparing a 4 year old for the life changing arrival of a new baby!

I have spent the last few months getting the house in order for our new arrival, now only weeks away. My main focus throughout however, has been how our four year old daughter is going to cope with it all! We chose to tell her quite early, after the 12 week scan, as she does love climbing all over Mummy!! We gave her a scan picture which she proudly had in her bedroom and said goodnight to every night. She was also present at the 20 week scan , where we could tell her we were giving her a little sister!

Of course, along with all the confusion and excitement that Mummy has a baby in her tummy, she has had to understand a little about the Gestational Diabetes which I have been controlling since 21 weeks. She understands that whiilst baby is in Mummy's tummy, Mummy's blood is a little bit poorly meaning she cant eat too much sugar as it might make the baby a bit poorly too. We are very much in the frame of mind that if she asks a question about it, we answer as best we can. She knows that I have a blood testing kit, which is kept out of reach and she is not allowed to touch. At first, I did not allow her to watch me do the blood test, but she wanted to understand what I had to do, so now if she is around, I don't mind!

Pregnancy is a long time not only for the Mums involved, but also for a child! Our daughter has now got to the point where she is desperate for the baby to come out! She says it is because she wants to cuddle her new sister, but I have a sneaky suspicion she just wants her Mummy back to normal!! She has witnessed my aches and pains, the fact it takes me ages to walk anywhere now and how I cannot take medicine to relieve my cold when she is dosed up to the eyes!! It must be so much to take in!!

We have made sure she is part of as much as possible. We asked her to help when it came to putting things in the baby's room and she helped to sort out all the clothes we got out, showing her some of the outfits she used to wear too. She has also chosen a special toy for the baby, which she is going to bring into hospital when she is born. This is something else we are preparing her for, the fact that Mummy has to go to hospital to have the baby and may be in there for a few days, meaning Daddy will be looking after her and taking her to school. We often talk about what she has to show Daddy to do to make sure he gets her to school and does everything right, like she is in charge!

Being honest as much as you can is the key. I am not saying they have to know the gory details of birth or anything, but at least make sure that you sit down with them to discover any questions or concerns they might have about the upcoming arrival. We talk about the things we are looking forward to, as well as the things which we aren't so much! This way, we are showing her it is ok to not look forward to some things and that it is not  all pink clouds and fluffy things!!

So, watch this space for the arrival of the next ChildCare Clair Baby and how we cope with that one!!

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