Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Supporting your child's education

                   We have been carrying out simple ideas to help with our child's start in school

Aside from the huge step that our daughter has taken, and the admission that she is now a school girl for us, starting school has not been as bad for us as it could have been. We are lucky to have a child who is at the moment, keen to learn, and enjoys being given homework!! We are encouraging her enthusiasm as much as we can, finding it is the little things which are helping her the most.

I have been attending the PTA meetings to get a feel for the school and its ethos, but being pregnant means that I cannot commit to as many things as I would like. Like many parents, other commitments mean that I am forced on some counts to take a bit of a back seat, but with frequent newsletters from the school I feel that we are well informed.

By listening to what my daughter is telling me about the things she is learning and experiencing, we are have been able to carry out simple activities and learning aids to help her. The parents of her class were informed the children were looking at the rhyming words and text in Julia Donaldson books, which meant she was frequently asking for these stories to be read at home. I gathered all of her Julia Donaldson books and out them into the book basket in her room, for her to access as she wished. This has proved very fruitful as we have often been awoken by her reading the stories in the morning, repeating the lines of her favourite tales.

For her phonic letter sound work, we have been starting to put together words which she has been seeing in her reading books which have been coming home from school. We have made a list of the words and put them in her playroom on the wall for her to see. We then make sure we regularly look at the words and discuss them. They are placed near to her blackboard too so she can practise writing them as she wishes.

These small steps have helped her to understand that we work in unison with the school, and that what she learns at school matters. By doing the small activities which enhance her learning, we are echoing what the school is trying to do and therefore supporting her learning. Even working parents who may struggle to find time to go through everything their child learns at school can do simple tasks like this to help.

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