Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Keyboards for learning

               Allowing children to explore sound and music independently using keyboards

My daughter has an interest in music. Whether it be inherited from myself ( a bit of a singer!) or from the fact we used to play music to her in the womb, she seems to have an ear for different styles of music and the lyrics in songs. Like most children, she enjoys the repetitiveness of pop tunes and childrens music, but she also enjoys guessing which instruments are being played on classical tracks.

We have always had an intstruments box which has a range of instruments in from different cultures and sizes, which we have collected over the last four years. However, now she has taken an interest in my old keyboard which I pulled out of the loft a few months back. It is an instrument which she can be left to explore independently, choosing the numbers to come up on the screen to create different sounds, and also to look at the different styles of beat on the keyboard too!

From exploring the keyboard, there are many areas which a child can learn:

Mathematics : Recognising numerals, counting beats, playing with musical patterns.

Creative Development : Creating their own songs and melodies, Being imaginative with sound, creating their own dances to music.

Communication and Language : Listening to the sounds they make and discussing them, learning new words such as Tempo, Beat, Notes etc.

Physical Development : Using their hand muscles to stretch from key to key to create sound, Encouraging movement and expression.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development :  Pride in their achievements as they create their own songs, Sharing music with others, Turn taking.

Literacy : Playing around with their voice, Using repetition, begining to look at musical notation, learning the letters for notes.

All this from one instrument! It has to be something which you can get for your child or in your music area in your setting if you work with children. Simple, effective and a great learning tool!!

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