Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Time to explore the changes!

           Autumn is a lovely time to get out and about and explore nature and its changes!

We love exploring the outdoors, as many of you regular visitors to this website will know, and we are blessed to live in an area where we can get out and explore not only beaches, but woodlands and countryside. We decided at the weekend to take a stroll to one of our favourite woodland spots for a walk and to feed the ducks. It is a delight to see how spending some time outside really effects our daughter and feeds her thirst for knowledge about the outdoor world.

The great thing about woodland parks is that there are so many things to spot at this time of year. Some trees had been felled, meaning that there were many logs to look at with bugs hiding in the damp spots and also an opportunity to teach our little one about how to tell how old trees are. It was a little tricky where the wood was damp, but Daddy took a great amount of pleasure in how interested she was. It seems even a walk out in the woods can strengthen the bond between child and parent!
Autumn may not yet be showing its awesome colour in our neck of the woods, but it is definitely showing itself in the form of conkers falling off of the chestnut trees. There were plenty of their prickly cases lying around, unfortunately with no ready conkers inside, but it was a learning experience all the same, as she had never realised conkers come inside a case!

It was a fair old trek for a pregnant Mummy, but she was loving every minute of the whole experience, spotting robins in the trees and insisting that she be the "leader", showing which direction we should be taking! Let us hope we can have many more of these walks before the baby arrives and of course, once it has arrived too!!


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