Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Effective team work within childcare


             Sometimes conflict in the work place can stop your smiling face and effect your setting

It is not always easy working in a team in a childcare setting. Many of our childcare establishments are predominantly women, meaning conflict can quite easily occur when some team members do not see eye to eye. It is a difficult one to have to deal with, especially when you are trying your best to smile and carry your work out effectively with the children in your care, and another team member is making it tough.

There are so many things to remember too. All the time you are trying to resolve whatever issues you and your other team members may be experiencing, there is a high chance the children you are looking after are picking up on the vibes, leading to unwanted behaviour and even playing staff off against one another. This does not lead to a harmonious situation!!

So, what do you do?? Well, the first thing is to perhaps try and organise a one to one with the team member(s) you are having the conflict with and outline the issues you both have. Is there a way of coming to a compromise? Is there are way you can agree to disagree in order to continue with a healthy working relationship? Not all people do always get along, no matter how hard you try to work at a relationship with them. I have been in this sort of situation before, where I was a team leader and a member of staff and I clashed personalities. In our case, working together just was not working out, so we went to the manager to see how it could be resolved more effectively.

In our situation, the staff member tried working in another room, but this may not always be a possibility when trying to keep staff in children's base rooms constant for the sake of the children. For a manager, it would mean waying up the children's needs in terms of continuity alongside the fact that the atmosphere within a room with two clashing staff may not be desirable for children to thrive in. Conflict between the staff should really not be played out in front of the children, but as we all know, children can be astute when it comes to feeling vibes from the adults around them. There is also the feelings of the staff to take into account too. Other staff in that room may find it difficult to work alongside the conflicting staff, meaning they feel they need to take sides or simply that they just cannot work in the atmosphere either.

Of course, this does not always help when you are all in one room within a pre school setting in a hall for example. You have to be able to try and work against your conflict and spend time on creating an effective working relationship with the person you have an issue with. This is hard, of course, but working in as much harmony as possible helps the children within your care to thrive as much as you do within your own working role.

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