Thursday, 11 September 2014

Does your child have too many toys??


                        So, do our children have too many toys or is this media gone mad again?
Turning on the television this morning, I was bombarded with an article on the news that our children have too many toys. I do agree to some extent, there are so many toys out there that our children as the demand from the children themselves gets stronger and the urge to buy, buy, buy to keep our children happy is just as strong.

I am lucky. Whilst she is still young, there is not a constant "I want this" from our daughter. She is influenced by the adverts she sees when she does watch the television, but she has a firm understanding that things cost money and she cannot have everything she likes. I try to have a clear out every few months or so, and always before Christmas or birthdays in order to make room for the inveitable barrage of new gifts. If anything, we have more crafty items in our house than we probably need, but I feel she loves delving into the boxes to see what she can make!

I am quite astute to what toys my daughter plays with. I keep an eye on the toys that hardly come out, as all of them are accessable to her in her playroom. The ones she hardly touches either get sent to a charity shop or saved for her baby sister currently. Although we have a room for toys, I feel that it needs to be a room she can actually play in and I do have it quite organised!!

The theory behind why many people think we have too many toys for our children is that children as a result have too much choice. It is a difficult one to think about. Whilst too much choice is often too much for a toddler, older children may need to get used to a wide range of choice for getting used to the wider world, where there is such a huge scope of choices to be made about everything. A child starting school for example, may feel overwhelmes at the amount of choices available to them in school if they havent been used to a range of choice at home.

I think the best idea is for a "Managable" amount of toys. It is not good to be tripping over mountains of toys, expecially ones which do not get touched very often, but having an organised amount of toys can help to keep things more structured. This is why as a baby, my daughter had a different box of toys to explore each week, allowing her to get used to having choice but at a very subtle low level and not being bombarded by toys!

So, what are your thoughts? Do you feel your child has too much to play with or do they cherish every toy they are given????

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