Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Pre - School jitters for everyone!

                     Only 2 weeks to go, and the nerves are starting to show for all of us!!

It seemed like the holidays were going to drag until we got to the start of September but now it is just two weeks away, I am starting to understand that feeling that so many parents have felt before and are feeling themselves right now! The school uniform is hanging up in the wardrobe, new shiny black shoes waiting to be worn and Nanna has been busy helping making her a bag and readjusting school trousers.

And so not only are my nerves beginning to surface, but I think my daughter is starting to get a bit concerned too. She is experiencing dreams about growing up which are scaring her, she keeps begging me to allow her to stay small. One minute shes excited about going to school and seeing all her friends again, but the next shes saying she doesn't want to leave Mummy all alone at home!

I have been trying to take this calmly with her, not making a huge deal out of the whole school thing. We talk about it when she wants to, which tends to be after watching things about going to school on the television or reading stories about it. The most exciting thing for her was showing her Daddy what she looked like trying on her uniform, and I had to make sure I kept the tears at bay as I do not want her thinking going to school is a sad ocassion This is very tricky to do, especially being pregnant at the same time!! A piece of me is looking forward to a little rest before the next baby arrives, but I am still going to miss having my little girl around!!

Anyone else experiencing this??

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