Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Letting go..........


                   There comes a time when we parents need to let go a little!!

It is always a tug on the heart strings when your child wants to "Do it myself" and wants to just explore without holding your hand. I have always tried to allow my daughter to explore things for herself and try things without my constant attention. I always revelled in the huge achievements she has overcome by herself as she has been growing, but with school literally creeping up on us, it is becoming increasingly difficult to let go.

Today I decided to encourage her to try things out herself. She asked me to make her an envelope for her letter she had been writing. I suggested that she tried to make it herself. She asked to use the sticky tape and I told her it was fine. When I didn't rush to get it for her, she went and found it herself. Then came the dilemma of how she was going to cut it. Of course, she has seen us in the past use our teeth to do it, but realising this was going to be a messy situation, she asked my help on the matter.

"Use your scissors" I suggested. Well, this went down like a lead balloon. Being left handed, she struggles with scissors and she didn't seem too impressed. She went off to find them, but couldn't see them straight away. "Perhaps my knife and fork could work?" she said aloud hunting in the kitchen. "No. They are for my dinner!" Once she found the scissors, I allowed her to explore using them by herself. Part of me was dying to correct the way she held the scissors and I could see she was getting frustrated, but I stood back and allowed her to continue.

In the end, she managed to cut the tape herself, allbeit small pieces, she had enough to create her envelope and was rather proud with the outcome. I was proud too. Although knowing that letting children find things out for themselves is a great learning opportunity through my child care background, I think as a parent my heart has been taking over my head because I loved being needed and there to help. But, I am not going to always be there to help. She is going to have to make decisions for herself and learn by her mistakes. It is time for this Mummy to take a deep breath and in the words of her favourite Disney song "Let it Go"!!!

It is tough, but children grow, and we are meant to be here to support them as they learn.

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