Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Lets Go Fly a Kite!!! A review

                      A great idea to decorate your own kite gave us plenty of fun!

Spending two weeks on holiday, I made sure there were plenty of little things for my daughter to do in the event of any boredom setting in. Before we left, I ordered a "Design your own kite" set from http://thelittlecrafttrain.com/ using their Facebook page. The set was around £15 and included some homemade crayons spelling out "Lets Go fly a Kite" as well as the pack coming with a pack of crayons too.

I left the activity in the capable hands of my husband to do with her. He was really into it and helped her to design the kite with brilliant pictures! (typically though, there were not any photographs of her efforts!!) The best part seemed to be the actual flying of the kite though! So much so, that many other members of the family got into the spirit and began to fly the kite too, giving my husband tips on getting it higher!

I would say this product is definitely for the older child (perhaps 5 and up) as my daughter soon lost interest after the decorating side of things and a little fly of the kite. The homemade crayons were lovely and came in a lovely carry case which is also handy for keeping other little items in once the crayons are used, although I did notice my daughter getting a little frustrated in using the crayons where they are quite small and not always easy to hold to create the pictures she wanted.

All in all, this product was great family fun for the Summer holidays and a great way to pass some time! Definitely worth a little look on the website for other great crayon products and gift ideas!!

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