Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Creating an activity from a story!

                                             "Doing the washing" By Sarah Garland

We have been doing the reading challenge run by the library over the summer holidays, and I have been really wanting to get my daughter involved with the stories we have been sharing. Where this is the last year she will be unable to physically read a book, I have been trying to carry out activities with some of the books she has chosen.

One of the most enjoyable activities from a book was this one after reading "Doing the Washing" by Sarah Garland. We were in the throws of the nicest part of the summer we have had briefly this year, and so I got out two bowls of water, one with some soap in the other for rinsing, and encouraged her to chose some of her dressing up clothes to wash.

Once she had washed them, I showed her how to rinse the soap out and ring the clothes dry. I explained to her that this is what the washing machine does for us, but also that this is how many people washed their clothes before washing machines were invented! I then set up a piece of string between two chairs and created a washing line for her to hand her washing out to dry! It is a bit tricky trying to hold the clothes and peg them up too, but this was a great way to get her to use her hand eye co-ordination as well as fine motor skills to get the pegs to open. (All this helps in the long term strengthening the hands for writing too!!)

She liked the book so much, she even spotted one of the other books in the series "Doing the Garden", which I am sure will lead to even more fun in the next few days!!

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