Thursday, 31 July 2014

Living with Gestational Diabetes

                  Gestational Diabetes is a pregnancy related health issue, which can return!!

Four years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. This condition is best described by the NHS website but basically means our bodies are producing too much sugar in the blood and could lead to our babies being born too big.

After living with the condition with my first pregnancy, I was told that further pregnancies were likely to have a higher risk of the condition. This did not really prepare me as much as it should have when i was diagnosed yet again this week at 21 weeks pregnant with my second child.  (Yes, I am expecting again!) Although knowing that my risk was higher, I had in a way thought that it would be different this time as every pregnancy is different. Unfortunately this obviously was not the case.

So, today I received my blood testing kit and I am back to pricking my finger before and after meals and feeling deflated when my blood sugars are too high. As I was on Insulin with my first pregnancy, the chances are i will have to once more, but I already have made some changes to my diet to help things improve.

The hardest part is dealing with the fact I have a four year old who is very excited about having a sibling, but confused as to why my "blood is poorly" I have had to explain things to her as simply as possible and have included her in my plans towards future appointments before she starts school in September. She has been told that the needles and machine Mummy has to test her blood with is not to be touched as it is dangerous. She knows that my blood has too much sugar in it, which means Mummy has to really watch what foods she eats to make sure there is not too much sugar going in her blood.

A lot of her play as a result has been doing "tests" on Mummy's blood with her Doctors kit! I have even had a scan (she was present at the 20 week scan) and she has been telling me what foods are healthy enough for me to eat with not too much sugar in! It is not easy, as she gets a little upset about things, especially if it means I might be poorly, but this is where I have to show my strength and hold back the tears in order to show her that everything is alright. After all, we went through it with her and shes fine and so worth the callous fingers!!

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