Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Italy Day!!!

                            A random thought leads to a day of fun, Italian style!!

We are in the throws of our first few days of our Summer break. We have just returned from a lovely 2 week holiday, and now we have the long wait until September when our little girl starts school!! So, where I do not drive, I have to be prepared for as many activities as I can to be prepared for the long few weeks ahead. Day one started with me wondering what to do, and I asked my daughter if she fancied helping to make the dinner later on. This dinner happened to be lasagne, which got me thinking..........Italy!!

So began our Italy day!! We researched together on the globe we have where Italy is and then looked up what the Italian flag looked like. She showed great interest in making sure she knew the right colours, and found them in her crayon box to help create an Italian flag! She helped draw the sections of the flag too, using a ruler...not bad for a just turned four year old!!

She was very proud of the result too!!!

Next, we started to discuss Italian food, and she was excited to discover that one of her favourite foods, pasta, is from Italy!! We decided to invent our own pizza, which lead to a great search for a circle to draw around and all the materials we would need to look like the ingredients she wanted on her pizza! If you try this with your child, you could even make the pizza afterwards (I wonder what a pizza with jam on would be like!!)

We ended the day by making a lasagne for dinner. My daughter enjoyed creating the pasta layers and adding the sauce!! I must admit, the outcome was very tasty!! Throughout, we listened to some Italian music which I found on Youtube!! This all added to the ambience of a very successful first day of summer activity!!

Why not give it a try and have an Italian themed day of fun!!

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