Thursday, 24 July 2014

Another end of an era

                  And so, a journey ends and a whole new one is set to begin!

It is rather scary how time flies past. It seems like only yesterday I took the decision to become a stay at home Mum, and here I am now, the mother of a 4 year old who has just ended her Pre-school journey. Many Mums around the country are in the same boat now, watching their little ones progress from Pre- school and getting prepared for school.

  I know my little one thinks she is off to school next week, where in reality, shes stuck with Mummy for the long summer holidays before she even steps foot in the school again! Doing the school visits are fantastic, but its now up to the parents to continue the school preparation over the holiday period. For some, this period can be rather daunting. Some children prefer not to think about starting school, as the whole concept is quite scary and frightening, whilst others who are so eager to get there, need reigning back a tad!

The best thing to do is think about your child's personal thoughts on school. If they are worried about starting school, then a slowly, slowly approach is what is needed. Do not totally dismiss discussing the subject totally, but perhaps leave the discussions until the latter half of the holidays. It is important to make sure you talk to your child about their thoughts on school, so you understand what issues they may have to contend with.

I intend to make sure my daughter is totally involved with the school preparation. We are getting ready to go and purchase her uniform soon, and I want her to feel that she understands the importance of wearing what the school expects her to and how smart it will make her look. We intend getting her some hair accessories too, to allow her to have a little way of bringing her own personality to her uniform (as long as it is colour coded to the uniform!)

Books and games can be purchased to help with school transitions. Take a look on Amazon for great deals on books which can help prepare your child and CBeebies have a great series on at the moment called "Time For School" which is really helping my daughter begin to understand the things she could be doing at school with her new teacher.

I think more than anything  this whole transition is most hard hitting on parents, especially the Mums! I want so bad to leave my daughter on her first day without crying, and I hope I can keep the tears in check until she has gone off to see her friends! The thought of her being old enough now to begin her school journey is enough to get me blubbing!!

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