Monday, 2 June 2014

Peace at Last.......with a musical narrative!

                       A wonderful idea from a teacher gets our creative juices flowing!!
I am lucky enough to know some very talented people, both out of childcare and within. One teacher I know was raving about doing an activity with her class creating music to go with the story Peace at Last by Jill Murphy. This was something I just knew I should try out with my daughter at home, so I got out the instrument box........


Firstly, we looked through the book together, discussing what sounds are in the story. I asked her to look inside her instrument box and find the instruments which she felt made the sounds we had read about in the book. Some of them perhaps wouldn't have been my choice, but the whole point of the activity was to get her thinking about what things sound like! She chose a drum for Mrs Bear when she snored!! I definitely think sometimes snoring can feel like a drum in your head!!

We then worked our way through the story, finding the right instrument as we read it together. Once we had finished, I then allowed her to go through the story by herself, using the pictures as her clues to what sound she needed to create.

This activity was a fantastic learning opportunity. Not only did my little one have to use her creative skills with the sounds, she also used her knowledge of the sounds the instruments made to connect the right instrument with the sound she wanted to make. She also used timing, to get the sounds in the right place as well as language skills to understand what she was looking for and describe the sounds. This was a fantastic idea, which kept her entertained for a good while and definitely caught her imagination!

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