Thursday, 26 June 2014

Learning from the world cup

                       England may be out, but we are using the World Cup to learn!

It may be the bane of so many parents lives at the moment, but the World Cup is in full swing and there is no way of getting away from it! Our children are being thrown into the tournament, with merchandise everywhere and plenty of adverts on television! It has become quite a talking point in our house, with our daughter also taking part in a mini football tournament at her preschool too!

We have been using the World Cup as an opportunity to learn. She has been asking us so many questions about the tournament and she loves to guess which colour team is going to win and how many goals they are going to get! We are showing her a few of the early evening games when she shows an interest, and talk about the countries taking part. She is particularly interested in the countries which people she knows have been to. She knows that her Grandad has been to Rio and that Daddy has been to Australia, so we talk about these countries and I show her where they are on the map, and also photographs of Daddy in Australia. We also had a great time learning Australian phrases to say, which was great fun when she could welcome Daddy home with a "G'day Mate!"

Sometimes we look at the countries flags and talk about the colours on them, but her favourite way to learn at the moment is to spot the numbers on the shirts of the footballers and shout them out when she spots them! So, geography, knowledge and understanding of the world, Language and Mathematics all from just watching a game of the World Cup!! Maybe there is a good reason for Mums to stop and watch the odd game with their children now and again!!

Maybe we should get Daddy to get the Subbuteo out (if he will let her play with the old set!!)

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