Monday, 19 May 2014

Mathematics in the Garden!

                                       Getting the most out of Maths in the garden!!

It is not something you would probably think about, but Mathematics is something which children can learn from so many aspects of life. The outdoor space is an ideal place to begin to explore numbers and numeracy! Whether you work in a child care setting, or are simply playing with your own child, you can use many ways to explore number in a fun way.

My daughter has always enjoyed the coloured glass beads we have kept for her in her garden. We have a huge plant pot full of the coloured beads and smooth rocks which we got for her at a local garden centre. Not only are these beads a great sensory tool, as they have different textures, but they are fantastic for counting and sorting too! It is also great when you see your child exploring them in a different way too......our little girl decided to make shapes with hers, creating a fantastic number "7" and then a triangle using the beads!!

There are so many different ways you can enhance your outdoor space to include mathematical activities! Here are some ideas:

1. Have shaped mirrors or blackboards mounted on walls or fences ( ,

2. Display numbers along the fences/walls

3. Have numbers on the floor to create "Car Parking" spaces for the cars and bikes.

4. Offering numbers in your outdoor waterplay/sandplay areas

5.  Exploring pattern by doing crayon rubbings of different surfaces outdoors.

6. Placing counting aids, such as linking elephants or counting bears, in your outdoor grassy areas or sand play.

7. Creating rain gauges to measure rainfall.

8. Placing scales in your water play and sand play areas to measure weight and volume

9. Have rocks and pebbles with numbers written on them

10. Create a hopscotch on a concrete surface

There are so many ideas, that once you start thinking about it, you begin to realise just how much you can offer outdoors to boost a child's mathematical development!! Why not share some of your ideas too!

You can get more ideas from here too :

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