Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Encouraging Dads to become more involved

     It can be difficult for hard working Dads to feel involved in their child's care and education

It is hard when a child does not tend to see too much of their Dad. There can be many reasons for this....Work, Divorce and separation to name a few. It is therefore difficult for those Dads who really want to be involved to actively have an understanding of their child's development. I am extremely lucky to have a husband who loves spending time with our daughter, but with the commitments of work, sees her only at weekends and briefly in the mornings.

It is easy as a stay at home Mum, to forget that there are things he needs to know about our daughter and the things she has been up to. Because we are on autopilot with the day in day out stresses, worries and fun which is motherhood, we can without realising, leave them a bit in the cold!

I try to ensure when it comes to our daughters time at preschool, that I inform him of what she has been up to (if she shares it with me, that is!) and I leave the preschool newsletters around for him to read when they come out. I encourage him to ask our daughter about what she has been doing, so that he can start conversations about her day with her.

When it comes to activities and quality time, it is great to encourage Dads to spend time doing their child's favourite things together. It can be hard for Dads to sometimes find things to do with daughters, but this does come with the more time and effort is placed with spending time with one another. I actually feel left out at times with the games that my husband plays with our little girl, as they are games which have become "their" games. This is great, however, as it gives a bond which is wonderful and allows their relationship to strengthen.

The other great thing about their relationship is the activities they do which are his favourite things to do (especially from his childhood!) for example, Lego and his old Star Wars toys, which have become one of her favourite things to explore recently! I recently found this on a website which is very interesting :

"Research shows kids who have a solid relationship with Dad get along better with siblings, have better social skills and experience less emotional distress. Father involvement from birth and through childhood is positively linked with children’s overall life satisfaction and well being. What’s more, getting involved is great for dads. Fathers who are connected with their kids are more likely to feel satisfied with their lives, enjoy greater marital stability and have a strong sense of how important they are to their kids."   www.kidsmatter.ed.au

So. get those Dads to spend some quality time with their children! It also gives us Mums a break too!!!

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