Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Home with Daddy

        We should never underestimate our children's Daddy! They can create plenty of fun!!

I went away last weekend to spend time with friends, leaving my daughter with her Daddy in our house, wondering what havoc they would end up causing!! I was pleasantly surprised with the activities which he carried out with our three year old, and the learning which he was able to share with her!

Our little girl loves pretending to have a pub/restaurant with my husband. In fact, this game (Known as "The Barbie Pub"!!) is played most mornings when he is home with her. It involves most of her cuddly toys being the customers and either my daughter or her Daddy being the waiter/waitress. But, this weekend, he took the learning and imagination to another level by helping her to create her own Menu for the game.

It was all his own idea. He asked me if we had some card and printed pictures off of the Internet, chosen by our daughter, before sticking them onto the card, which he had folded into the menu. He encouraged her to write her own details on the menu and to draw her own pictures too, helping to boost her communication, language and literacy skills. This activity will be something which will boost her reading and writing skills in the future, as it is showing her how things are labelled and described on menus! This was then followed up by a real outing to a restaurant, where she could look at a menu for ideas!

I have to admit, I did underestimate just how much learning my little girl was going to gain from her Daddy in just one weekend, but with this activity alongside Easter Egg hunts and swimming, she had a weekend to remember. I know she will for a very long time!

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