Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Exploring playdough - outside!!!

                        Get a new perspective on Play dough Play by playing outside!

I really revel in my daughter's love of exploring playdough! During the recent Easter break, we made some of our favourite Hot Cross Bun Play dough (recipe can be found here ) and instead of exploring it indoors, I put out all of her table, chairs and playdough tools outside instead.

Of course, this led to a huge imaginative twist, as often happens with children left to explore, and she began to make her very own "Flower garden" using the dough and the wild flowers growing on  our lawn! This simple activity soon was leading to new learning experiences as she concentrated on creating her garden. First, she selected the flowers she wanted to use, planning where they were going to go in the dough. Then, she looked for space in the dough to place each flower, moving smaller ones to create space for the larger ones. By doing this, she was starting to develop her Mathematical skills, as well as her imagination!!

Whilst creating, she noted how she could hear all the birds singing around her in the trees and bushes, and remembered that she had some chicks from her Easter crafty sessions, which she asked me to get out for her to add to her garden. Her self esteem was given a great big boost when Mummy gave her opinion on the finished product!! Of course, Mummy was also most pleased that there was a lot less cleaning up to do afterwards too, being outdoors!!

There are so many activities which can be taken outdoors. By moving things outside, the whole perspective on the play changes, giving them a chance to mix the wonders of nature with the wonders of their favourite activities! Watch this space over the next few weeks for more outdoor play ideas!

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