Thursday, 6 March 2014

World Book Day Fun!

                             A fantastic way to celebrate literacy with your child!

I have personally really enjoyed World Book Day. I was asked to read at a local Preschool, which I loved, as it made me remember the fantastic parts of the job I used to love so dearly. My daughter was adament that she wanted to be the Gingerbread Man, as it is one of her favourite books. She was very excited about dressing up and going to celebrate the day with her friends.

I heard a report this morning that many children sadly do not realise that their favourite characters are actually from books rather than their favourite television programmes. It is shocking that a lot of children do not get the chance to find out about a character through print rather than screen. Of course, I am not saying that children shouldn't experience these characters on screen, I just think it would be nicer for children to get to know a character more in depth by reading about them!

It is also a great idea to use today as a platform to enhance your child's interest! For example, my daughter loves the Gingerbread man, so today when I collect her, we are going to make ginger playdough and maybe even make our own gingerbread men tomorrow!! We will read the book once more and discuss the story. I also intend collecting the other characters in the book and perhaps creating a story sack for her! The possibilities are endless!

I think we do jump on the band wagon when our child enjoys a character on the television, but perhaps we do not tend to spend enough time on nutruring their enjoyment in books. By spending time talking to our children about the books they enjoy and the characters they connect with, you can really boost their love of books and reading as well as learn so much about using their imaginations!

Go on, find out what your children really love reading about!

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