Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Valuing a child's triumphs!

      It is important to make a child's triumphs special, however small they may be!

Every child has the right to feel special. It is very easy to go through the day feeling at odds with a child, especially if their behaviour has been much to be desired! But sometimes, just a simple "welldone" or pat on the back is what they need to really build their self esteem!

My daughter has been making me proud recently with her endeavours at Pre- school. They run a reward system where they hand out "Golden Apples" for great behaviour, and my daughter was lucky enough to receive one. This apple was something she was bursting to show me when I collected her that day, and I told her just how proud I was of her. The apple has been hung in our front room, and she has been proudly showing it off to family members who have visited us. This small piece of  golden coloured apple shaped card has given my little one a great boost!

Another small token she received was the sticker you can see in the photograph. This idea is a great way to encourage parents and family members to discuss with a child what they have been up to. The event for why my little star received one was helping another child to settle in to pre school, which is something we have been discussing ever since she received it! We could not keep the sticker because it become wet and ripped, but by taking a photograph of her wearing it, it is something we can share with others and discuss as much as she likes.

It may seem as if I am creating a child with a "Big Head", but this is just not the case. We should encourage our children or children in our care that it is great to do good deeds, no matter how small. It also allows them to realise that they are noticed and can help to give an enormous sense of belonging. They do not have to be grand could be something small like remembering to wipe their nose or being polite, as long as it is noticed, the more they will continue to want to do it!

A child with boosted self esteem is benefited in so many ways, such as :

1. A greater sense of worth and ability

2.  They like who they are as a person

3. They feel accepted and cared about by others.

4. They feel they have skills they can share with others.

5. They are happy and confident in making friends

6. They are confident in taking care of themselves as well as others.

I have tried asking my daughter what she is good or best at. The reply was : "Gluing, Painting and sharing. I am good at playing too!" Why not go ahead and ask the children around you what they think they are the best at, and share their triumphs (however small) whenever you can!!

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