Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Getting creative with crayons!

       Crayons do not have to be boring......different shapes can bring different experiences!!

I love it when my daughter wants to get drawing. It is something she has enjoyed as a baby (she started at 8 months!) and now she looks forward to a good drawing session! We do tend to take this activity for granted, but when you stop to think about it, colouring and drawing has so many benefits for your child.

When colouring, your child is exploring control of their hand muscles (fantastic for building up ready for writing!), using their attention and concentration and exploring the uses of their hands (for example, using their non writing hand to move the paper and control their movements) In America, the  Handwriting Without Tears Kindergarten Teachers Guide states that " The crayon is the best tool for preparing a child for handwriting" So finding the right one for your child is key.

Big, chunky crayons are the best when introducing crayons to children. A young child has chubby hands and needs something they can control with ease. We used speciality crayons from The Little Craft Train which are designed not only for children to hold and use with ease, but also to add something personal to a child's writing tools. We had some of the Easter Bunny collection to try, which my daughter loved!

The colourful friendly shapes also help encourage children who may not always enjoy drawing. Many boys are not always interested in getting involved in mark making activities, this is where The Little Craft Train comes in handy, with their Lego designs, dinosaurs and even Moshi monsters! We have recently ordered some One Direction crayons for my daughters cousin's birthday present! They cost us just 40 pence each, and they were posted and delivered very swiftly! I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for something a little different. The Easter crayons would make a lovely alternative gift from chocolate this Easter!!

You can find the Little Craft Train on Facebook, using the link in the above text

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