Monday, 3 February 2014

Threading kits for toddlers!!

                         A great idea which I have been sharing with my friends!!
Sewing is a very theraputic activity. I have a good friend (who has shared this photo with us) who was doing some courses on sewing and I began to wonder if there was anyway for her daughter to join in with her!

I found a post on Pinterest about a toddler sewing kit and began to get some bits together to try with my daughter first, as she is only a few months older than my friends daughter. I had a lovely wicor basket to fill and began to search local shops for pieces of wool and plastic needles. I also found some cheap sewing kits for children in our local shops which I added to the box. My Mum had some old wooden cotton reels and some large buttons which she donated to the basket and I searched online for the material to thread through and a wooden knitting doll.

These sort of activities not only are good for a nice calming activity for winding down, it also helps to build a child's hand eye co-ordination and concentration skills. My daughter took to it very quickly and loves to do her "knitting" which is her word for threading! She watches my Mum do her knitting and will sit happily with her wool telling me she is knitting something for me!

The best items to create your very own toddler friendly sewing box are:

A wooden embroidery hoop and plastic needle for ‘sewing’

Small balls of wool of various colours

Used cotton reels

Buttons of different sizes


Thin ribbons

Large spaced stiff netting cut into various sizes

Large beads

Pom poms

Knitting doll

Threading cards and patterns

Wooden knitting needles (small ones)

A range of materials of different sizes and colours

It is definitely worth making and can be great fun, if supervised well. Children should learn that even plastic needles should be handled carefully and to take their time over their creations. The basket can be added to as they grow and when you come across bits and pieces when out and about! Plus, as you can see it gets my friends little ones vote!!

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