Wednesday, 5 February 2014

This weather is not doing our children any good!!

        There are only so many puddles we can jump in, and many of them are rivers now!

Just in case you haven't noticed, here in the UK we are in the grip of yet another storm system battering our country. At first, the rain held great fascination to my daughter, getting excited abut jumping in puddles with her wellington boots on, but now the thought of yet another damp trip out fill her with dread! She does not like the rain blowing in her face!!
It is not only the greyness of outside. It is also the being inside which is driving our children to despair. I have noticed a change in my daughters behaviour over the last couple of months, easily frustrated and many mood swings, which I am sure has something to do with the weather!! Some children do actually suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during this time of year, but with the constant wet weather, it could be made worse! Some of the effects of SAD are:

  • Changes in mood, such as irritability and sadness
  • Increased crying
  • Fatigue or loss of energy
  • Increased sleep and difficulty waking in the morning
  • Increased appetite and ingestion of more carbohydrates
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Withdrawal from activities that are usually found to be enjoyable


    So just how do we help our children to beat the wet weather blues?

    Make sure they get plenty of exercise.......visit a soft play area or if there is a break in the weather, take them out for a walk!!

    Create a list of things they would like to do. My husband did this the other day whilst I went away with a friend and our daughter absolutely loved going through each one. She didn't even mind that they did not even get all of them ticked off, it was more fun spending time with her Dad!

    Have play dates! We have up until recently been having play dates with one of my friends and her daughter,which has really given us both something to look forward to! As a stay at home Mum, a bit of adult interaction and a chance for a change of scenery does wonders!

    Attend a toddler group (if your child is young enough) or older children can join in with some extra curricular activities in order to socialise with other children and perhaps learn a new skill!

    Find local activities running indoors to take your children along to. Local museums, libraries, cinema or theatre gives them something to look forward to whilst getting them out from their usual surroundings.

    Give them a giving them something to work towards, you can get a child to focus on creating something or doing an activity, therefore taking their mind off of the weather!

    Embrace the rain (where possible) Make a rain gauge from an old plastic bottle and find out just how much rain has fallen in your garden (if it is not a lake already!)
  • We can all hope that brighter weather is on the horizon, but until then it seems we are stuck in this rut of bad weather. The most important thing is to make sure that you do not let it get you down, as children will pick up on your moods too!!

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