Monday, 24 February 2014

Exploratory play with rice and herbs!!

                           Cleaning out the food cupboard leads to a play tray of fun!!

There comes a time for every stay at home Mum when you get so frustrated with the state of your cupboards, you have to clean them out! Or is it just me? Well, after a baking session with my little one, I did just that and stumbled across some out of date goods which were perfect for a little exploratory play.

Knowing my daughter would not even attempt to eat them, I used some Paella rice and a mixture of dried herbs which were past their dates to create a play tray scene for my little one to explore.

I used my big roasting tray and encouraged her to pour in the rice, creating a fantastic sound! We then shook on the herbs and she selected some animals which we placed in the tray.

After burying the animals for a while, she asked for a spoon so that she could "feed" the animals their dinner. She loved the smell coming from the herbs, and would stop every so often to take a good sniff of them! Of course, the rice makes fantastic "rain" too, which she showered over the animals. The sound of the rice tapping the tray as it fell made a a great rain sound!

This simple activity allowed her to explore something new with her senses. her sight allowed her to explore colours and allow her to pretend the rice was snow and rain, whilst the herbs made fantastic grass! Her smell allowed her to explore a new fragrance, great for feeding her imagination to cook the animals dinner, whilst her hearing allowed her to liken the rice falling with the sound of rain. Using her sense of touch, she commented on the texture of the rice, which was "all bumpy."

It was something which she really enjoyed and was so beneficial for her learning. I wonder what ideas you can come up with with your little ones?! Feel free to share!!

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