Saturday, 18 January 2014

Out of this world pictures!!

                      Turning our crayon rubbings into a fantastic Space picture!

We were lucky enough to be given plenty of art materials for Christmas last year, and as a result we have been exploring lots of different ways of creating works of art! One of the best things we received was a book "365 things to make and do, right now!" 

With the huge interest  in Space which my daughter has shown recently, I thought this particular activity in the book fit in perfectly! Not only did it enhance her interest, it also taught her some fantastic things about materials, as we first had to create some rubbings. (see picture above) We used surfaces around the house, where things are a bit wet outside today. Textured glass windows, wood and the laminate flooring gave great patterns which my daughter and I discussed. It was also a great learning curve physically as she had to learn how to hold the crayon and press it down hard in order to create the rubbing. The temptation was to just draw over the top!!

Once we got the hang of rubbing the crayon across the paper, we soon had some very colourful patterns created on the paper. I then drew around some circular objects (a roll of sellotape, a cup and a little bowl) to get different sized planets. I drew these on the back of the paper, so when I cut them out we had a merge of colours and textures and no pen lines!

Once cut out, I got my daughter to glue them onto some black paper where she wanted them to go. We also cut out some stars to go on the picture.  The effect of the rubbings really stood out against the black paper!! My daughter then decided that we needed some glitter to make the sky all sparkly like the night sky. We added this on by sweeping the glue stick across the paper and sprinkling the glitter on top!

So, there you have it! Our very own Space picture! So easy, fun, effective and educational! Well worth a try!!

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