Monday, 13 January 2014

Going Stargazing!!

             It is really important to listen to your child's interests and build upon them!
Just as in childcare settings, it is really important to take time to get to know your child's interests, especially where they change so much! Our little one likes so many things, sometimes it is hard to keep up, but at the moment the big interest is all things Space!!

After watching a Stargazing programme on television, our daughter has shown a love of stargazing. She asked me if we could go out and go stargazing like the children she had seen on television. She wanted to spot the craters on the moon and see if she could see a satellite! The weather has not been very good, so we had to explain to her that we needed to wait for a clear night in order to go.

This weekend, a perfect clear night appeared, so we hopped in the car and went to a big hill not far from us and took some warm milk, blankets, her toy binoculars and a story about stars and set up our very own stargazing camp! We were wrapped up very warm, and despite the cold, she really loved seeing what she could spot in the night sky. At one point, she realised that we were high up and said " Mummy, I can see the whole world down there......are we flying?!" All part of the learning process she was experiencing!

As I have mentioned before, the greatest thing about learning is to get out there and experience things. She had learnt a fair deal from the television show such as how the moon got it's craters and how to spot the North Star, but getting out there and seeing it for herself made it all the more fascinating. We read "Laura's Star" by torchlight and tried to work out which star was the star in the story. Then, we thanked the moon for lighting the way back to the car and explored it's reflection in the sleeve on her book!

It was such a worthwhile activity and has got both my husband and I learning more about the stars ourselves in order to share the experience with her! ( My husband now knows where Orion's belt is!!)
So, why not give it a go......get out there and go Star Gazing!!

You can print off star maps at

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