Monday, 20 January 2014

Getting the most of the outdoors

                     How a walk in the woods became a cookery lesson, nature style!

During the weekend, the sun came out. It was a great break from the rainy walks we have been having recently, so we decided to go out to feed the ducks at a local country park. Wellies on and wrapped up warm with bread in hand, we made our way to the park, where we were going to get a totally different view of the mud, leaves and rainwater around us!

It seemed as though lots of people had had a similar idea, as the woodland was rife with children's laughter as we made our way around. This also meant that the ducks were a little sick of bread, and were not too keen to tuck into the bread rolls our daughter had to offer.

We made our way up to our favourite part of the park. A trip across the bridge with a waterfall underneath it (a small one, but still exciting with the current wet weather!) and we made our way up to the big log of a fallen tree which has steps and huge rocks around it. The log had many holes inside, which had been filled with muddy rainwater, and proved a great source of interest to our little girl.

She began to collect leaves and earth from around her to put in the water. This was her "soup" and she wanted to make as much as possible for the birds to drink up later! Soon, our discussions were about the ingredients she needed....leaves, sticks and "spice" and how she was going to cook it. We were in charge of helping her find what she was looking for and also for being customers in her "Cafe".

This play went on for a good 15 minutes, until she was caked in mud and her gloves were no longer pink, but a lovely shade of brown! She was very proud of her creation and made sure it was stirred with the biggest stick she could find before she left it for the woodland creatures to eat.

We then carried on our walk, hearing woodpeckers, robins and blackbirds in the trees and spotting squirrels. So much learning and imagination from being outside in and around nature. It was another morning I am sure she will remember for a long time to come, too!

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