Monday, 27 January 2014

Down at the beach

    A winter's walk at the beach proves to be another brilliant learning opportunity

Our little one used to be very nervous about the sea. She was most unhappy to be close to it and there was no way she would ever put her feet in! Since our little holiday last year, she has gained in confidence and the other week, when we asked where she would like to go if the sun shone, she said "The beach!"

So, we put on our wellies and made our way to the beach, wrapped up very warm of course! We talked about the way the waves came in and out, splashing against the pebbles and making them move. We tried to outrun the waves, laughing when the waves overtook our feet! The most funniest thing of course, was when Daddy had the waves come up and into his wellies!!

Collecting shells and trying to find the biggest and smallest ones to enhance a little bit of mathematical skills to the trip too! So many conversations to boost her language and vocabulary, and so much to learn about the world all from visiting the beach!

Of course, it was the family element that was the most exciting for us. We enjoyed the quality time together and having a laugh. It is these moments which children remember the most, not the fact that they went somewhere which did not cost the earth, but the fact we did something memorable with their family. Our daughter was telling everyone for days about her Daddy and the water in his wellies and the fact she got so wet, she needed to be changed in the car!

But it wasn't only our little one who enjoyed the whole experience. My husband exclaimed that he had not had that much fun in ages (even if he did not have a change of trousers and socks as our daughter had!!)
Family time and memories........the most inexpensive and precious time of all!

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