Sunday, 1 December 2013

The first advent book review

                   December the first and our first review for the #advent challenge!!

My daughter became very excited today, as we unwrapped the first book in our advent book box. This book was a new one for her collection from Books For Bugs (£2.50!!) She had the choice of opening it this morning or having the story for bedtime, but she couldn't wait!! Her face was so lovely when she saw it was a Little Princess book "You got me Little Princess, Mummy! Thankyou!!"

Tony Ross is famous for many great stories in the Little Princess series, as well as illustrating the Horrid Henry books. I have been collecting the Little Princess books long before my daughter arrived, as they were always a favourite with the children I looked after in Nursery settings.

This book tackles the well known feeling when your child constantly needs you. The Little Princess tackles issues such as hurting her knee, having trouble with her painting and also feeling very nervous about going to her first sleep over. All issues which Mum so naturally helps with.........until when the princess had gone and then Mum feels very lost herself!!

My daughter loved sharing this book with me, and then spent a lot of the day going back to the story to read it again and again!! Definitely a book we will be sharing over and over again, I am sure!!

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