Friday, 6 December 2013

Day 6 #adventchallenge

                                             The Tale Of Bear by Helen Cooper
So we are at day 6 of the challenge, and today's book was chosen as a bedtime story. This book was found in a charity shop for just 50 pence. It is one of a set of books written by Helen Cooper.

I liked the fact this book has detailed illustrations and a short story. There is some rhyme in the tale but this is not consistent throughout the book. I am just a little fussy and prefer rhymes to be consistent if they are in children's books!!

The story surrounds an old well loved bear, who ends up in the washing machine. The bear wonders if his owner will still love him now he is bedraggled from the wash and smelling different. It just goes to show, however, that the love for a toy is unconditional!!

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  1. Hey Clair, just being nosy and had to mention one of my favourite books from my childhood. It's called Martha B. Rabbit, the Fairies Cook. It's written and illustrated by Shirley Barber and is currently on amazon for £2.99, its a beautiful book and has a lovely wintery/xmas feel to it. Would be perfect for your advent challenge but as its already started I really recommend it for next year :)